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Our Catalyst Club empowers individuals to catalyze servant leadership in their community through acts of service while furthering the mission of Move Together. The Catalyst club is our critical mass to increase access to quality rehab medicine around the corner and around the world! Are you ready to help us change the world?
Our 3 Catalyst Club pillars are: Financial sustainability; Service participation; and Operational Support.
Each member of the club selects a minimum of 2 pillars to participate in annually. Through your servant leadership and the overall collective actions is how we will catalyze sustainable and responsible change in communities around the world. Below is a general look at the options:
  • Financial sustainability: Individual or group fundraiser; Monthly subscription to our partner coffee company; Monthly donations of an amount of your choosing
  • Service participation: PT Day of Service (if unable to participate, you can discuss another activity with our leadership team)
  • Operational support: Combine your passion and special gifts to influence our programs, projects, and team in fulfilling our mission and pursuing our vision.
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This will enable us to have a geographic profile of our members and allow us to send gifts for membership apreciation!
Do you possess any special skills that can assist us in accomplishing our mission?
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